HUBG is proud to present our featured sponsors: RChain and Reflective Ventures 

Reflective Venture Partners arose from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative. Reflective Ventures not only aids in project funding, but they are dedicated to building strategic partnerships with companies that are going to make a difference, reshape the market, and grow through the RChain ecosystem. The team comprises of business experts and industry veterans that have formerly worked at Amazon, Bridgewater Associates, Bain Capital, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

RChain is a fundamentally new blockchain platform rooted in a formal model of concurrent and decentralized computation. The RChain Cooperative is leveraging that model through correct-by-construction software development to produce a concurrent, compositional and infinetly scalable blockchain. The RChain ecosystem boasts a scalable and concurrent smart-contract language dedicated towards supporting decentralized applications.

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